First SFA Benefit – Fourth Set

[And the coverage continues…] Mr. Troll Mallow and Ryan Michael Galloway filled in the fourth set when another songwriter couldn’t make it. Troll is the host of the Monday night open mic at Poor David’s Pub and is also doer of things at PDP.

Troll’s songs evoke the spirit and emotions of every man.  Songs of life well lived and people loved. And as administrator of the Dallas Area Open Mics Facebook page, and having played a good number of those open mics, Troll is not only a staple of the local music scene, but he is one of those people that helps keep the local music scene alive. Which makes his employment at PDP all the more appropriate. Poor David’s Pub has helped to keep the local music scene buzzing for years.

Mr Troll Mallow
Mr. Troll Mallow

Ryan Michael Galloway began with his aspergers story. In Ryan’s case, it is a family affair – literally. When their children were diagnosed with aspergers, it was discovered that Ryan and his wife were also on the autism spectrum. “We hadn’t noticed the children’s behavior because it seemed normal to us.”

Ryan is president of the Collin County Songwriters Association and is also a member of The Dallas Songwriters Association. He has been involved in music for decades. His current project is doing shows and house concerts solo and with Faith Vicknair as Faith & Rye.

Ryan Michael Galloway
Ryan Michael Galloway

Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.

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